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This thousand-year-old practice to calm the mind and reduce our inner noise, is one of the most profound and essential moments you can experience in life. What we think has a big impact on our cells and on our feelings, on our emotions and consequently on our lives. We identify ourselves with our mind and are mostly controlled by it. Though your mind is not always your best friend and mentor. We can get stuck in bad habits and feel intrusive thoughts.


But how can we free ourselves from wrong beliefs and old patterns and why is it so hard to make progress?

Explore the power of Ceremony Meditation on your mental and physical health. Reset your mind, let go and immerse into your subconsciousness. Become less worried and anxious and get to know your potential and power. Meet your true self and awaken the power within you.

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I am a certified meditation instructor who works and lives

in Berlin.


My personal mindfulness training is in line with neuroscientific studies and includes spiritual methods like breathing techniques, brainwave sounds and holistic sensory journeys into the subconscious.

My aim is to help you to dissolve old patterns and free from wrong beliefs. Through this  deep mediative guidance you become able to let go and reset yourself.


This meditation is suitable for beginners and advanced and can also be booked for private (+online) classes in German or English.


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For any inquiries, please contact me:

Tel: +49 179 9921446 |

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